Keji – Core of the South West Nova Biosphere Reserve

Kejimkujik N.P. and the Tobeatic Wilderness Reserve together form the core of the South West Nova UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It’s unique flaura and fauna – there are species found here that are found nowhere else in the world – and the ancient native petroglyphs are only part of the reason UNESCO has designated this area a Biosphere Reserve.

Besides the uniqueness of the area, Keji (as the locals call it) also happens to be the largest inland National Park in Atlantic Canada. It is famous for it’s wilderness canoeing, varying from easy daytrips to multiple day wilderness adventures. The lakes also offer the perfect swimming spot on a hot day, and the hiking trails offer a great variety of hikes with plenty of opportunity to spot wildlife. Keep an eye out for the activities organized by Keji. Participation is often free and activities vary from snowshoeing in winter to star gazing in summer. Keji has also been designated a ‘dark sky preserve’, making for some of the best stargazing anywhere.